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It can make fine lines less noticeable, by moisturizing the area but the fix is only temporary, There’s many other products that can do both! Stretch Marks And Cocoa Butter Stretch marks are a very normal thing, if you have them there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a common myth that cocoa butter, will in some way reduce or prevent stretch marks. First off, stretch marks begin their process under the skin, before they come to the surface and any moisturizer can’t effectively get deep enough into the skin, to fully prevent them. Some areas where you get stretch marks will be very itchy, before the stretch mark comes, to the surface and moisturizing can prevent the scratching, which will only make the stretch marks worse. Moisturizing can improve the look of stretch marks, some products can fade them, but you can’t really fully make them disappear. Over time they will fade to a thin white line.

If you fall into either category and you can’t seem to shake your acne, it might be because you’re using the wrong products. Teenage skin produces a lot more oil than mature skin, which is naturally drier, so products aimed at younger people tend to dry out your face. Using these same washes and creams as an adult can strip your skin of its natural oils, cause more breakouts, and even lead to fine lines and wrinkles. To target your acne, start your day with a gentle cleanser and always, always follow with a moisturizer. Sticking to a steady routine that adds moisture is the best way to help your skin bounce back.